Remote Car Starter Installation

With the harsh Winters in Minnesota, getting an automatic remote car starter installed is one of the best improvements you can make to your vehicle.  The convenience of having remote start to pre-warm your car on a cold and snowy morning can feel like a life saver.  Can you imagine no more freezing and shivering when you get in your car because it’s already warm?  A remote starter even works great to pre-cool your car from the scorching hot mid-Summer sun.

If a remote start sounds good to you then schedule an appointment to have Deals Auto Repair Shop install one in your car today.  We are the premiere automatic remote start installers in Inver Grove Heights, Eagan, and South Saint servicing both foreign and domestic vehicle models.

Benefits of Remote Start

    • Pre-warm your car in Winter
    • Save time windshield de-icing 
    • More comfort when you get in your car
    • Pre-cool your car in Summer

Cool Your Car In Summer

One of the most overlooked uses for a remote starter for your car is that you can use it to cool your car in the Summer before you get in.  As your car sits in baking in the Summer sun the interior can get unbearably hot, however, with a remote car starter you can rev up your air conditioning before you get in.

Aftermarket Heated Seats

If you really want to up your driving comfort in the Winter, adding aftermarket heated seats along with a remote starter is the perfect combination.  Say goodbye to ice cold seats and let us help you stay nice and cozy all Winter.  Deals Auto Repair can install heated seats to most domestic and foreign car and truck models.  We have years of experience and getting heated seats instead in Inver Grove Heights is cheaper than you may think.  Stop by and see us today!

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