Brake Repair

Squeaky brakes?  We can help!  Fully functional brakes are extremely important not just for the health of your car but also for your own safety.  When your car is no longer stopping as it should, you need Deals Auto Repair’s brake service, and you need it quickly.  While all brakes need repairs over time from wear and mileage, it can be good to have them regularly looked at during your normal car maintenance so any problems can be fixed before you hear grinding, squealing, or worse.

    • Brake Inspections
    • Brake Repairs & Replacements

Deals Auto Repair shop has built a reputation for doing honest brake repair in Inver Grove Heights, Eagan, and South Saint Paul.  Many customer continue to get their brakes serviced with us even when they move out of the area because of the excellent service.  All of our brake repairs start with a free visual inspection and estimate, so you know upfront what the costs will be.  We’ll let you know what is important to fix now, what can wait, and give you price options on the parts we use.  It’s our service transparency along with our skilled technicians that has made us the brake repair shop in Inver Grove Heights your can trust.

Tire Replacement

While proper tire maintenance will extend the life of your tread, all cars need new tires at some point and we can help.  When your tires get worn Deals Auto Repair can help you replace them with ones that are right for your car and your driving.  We can also help you get proper seasonal snow tires for driving in the harsh Wisconsin Winter conditions.

    • All Season & Snow Tires 
    • After Market Tires Available
    • We Also Sell Rims

Tire Rotations & Balancing

Along with our excellent brake repair service, Deals Auto Repair shop can also maximize the life of your tires with regular rotations and maintenance.  Tires are basically your car’s shoes and it is important to make sure your they are in good health to ensure proper traction.  Good  preventative tire maintenance can save you money through both fuel economy and by extending the life of your tires.

Proper tire health starts with checking inflation, but also requires seasonal rotation to ensure even wear over time.  We recommend that tires be rotated either every 6,000 miles or every other oil change even if they don’t show signs of wear as it helps extend their life.  Most customers find it most convenient to do there tire rotations during an oil change while the vehicle is off the ground.  In some cases we may recommend a wheel re-alignment if the car is pulling to one side while driving or if we notice unusual wear on a tire.

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